Bond Cleaning

Smart Ways To Make Your 1st Bond Clean Experience Hassle-Free!

Moving over to a new property is stressful enough without needing to worry about whether you will get your bond money back or not. Plus, you don’t wish to spend long hours cleaning cobwebs off the walls or grouts off the tiles in a property that isn’t even your home anymore!

However, here is the catch. You need to clean your home properly to get a clean pass from your tenant’s inspection, particularly if you want your bond money back.

To help you; Door2Door Clean your reliable, professional bond cleaners offers you high-quality bond cleaning with pre-cleaning inspections to get your bond back.

  • Our cleaners are thoroughly trained to perform all sorts of cleaning operations in different sized properties.
  • We always use the state of the art cleaning equipment to achieve comprehensive cleaning in every nook and cranny of your house.
  • Furthermore; we make sure that our cleaning rates are reasonable and as per the industry standards.

If this is your first professional bond cleaning experience, then here are some smart tips to keep the whole operation hassle-free.

1. Begin Making A-List:-

Make a list of all the possessions you want to take along with you, particularly if you are living in a furnished property. The last thing you want is to lose any of your pricey items. Our cleaners work on a clock and being focussed at the task at hand; they won’t know if some item belongs to you or not. So, it is your responsibility to ensure nothing of that sort happens.

Making a check-list of all your items reduces possibilities of any mess, and that is your first step to ensuring a hassle-free bond clean-up.

2. Take All The Stuff Out:-

Most landlords in Brisbane are very fussy. They will try their best to find something wrong with the property as an excuse to not give up the lease money. But in order to do so, they will need a clear space to inspect the cleaning quality.

So, we advise to you remove all your stuff (possibly keep it at some friends, the garage or even at your new residence with the help of a removal company). 

Once your stuff is cleared out; our bond cleaning specialists will take care of the rest and ensure that your landlord doesn’t find anything wrong- regardless of how hard she/he tries. We will make the place look spic and span and on witnessing it, thus leaving the landlord with no other choice but to return back your bond money. 

End of Lease Cleaning Services

3. Hire Our Professionals For Pre Cleaning Inspection And Cleaning:-

Having a proficient domestic bond cleaning team in Brisbane; we focus on every single corner of your property to ensure 100% cleaning satisfaction.

  • Our cleaners will clean your filthy looking carpets. Quality vacuuming and spot/stain removal will be done depending on the condition and fabric of the carpet. Other than extracting the existing dirt and dust from your carpet surface; our cleaning experts will also remove any bad odour from your carpets.
  • Our cleaners will focus on removing any smudge or watermarks from your windows to provide clear access of light to enter into your house. We pay close attention to scrub dirt both inside and outside and even wipe the frames, sills and fly-screens to ensure crystal clear windows.
  • Clean walls improve the appearance of any given room. Keeping this in mind; our cleaners will wipe dust, grease, spills and cobwebs using a microfibre head mop dipped in a mixture of sugar soap and warm water in proper ‘W’ motion.
  • Other than these areas- we will also focus on the entire bathroom and kitchen section along with the outdoor entertainment areas by removing weed, prune plants, etc.

Our bond cleaning services always include a full-fledged house cleaning operation (both inside and outside). And possessing quality and industry-approved cleaning tools and solutions; you have nothing to worry about.

4. Ensure All Lights & Fixtures Are In Working Condition:- 

But your responsibility is far from over. While our cleaners are doing the clean up for you, make sure that all the lights and fixtures are working properly. Landlords do pay close attention to these switches, so ensure they are cleaned and in working condition. The same applies to taps and door handles.

However; we do offer you a fail-safe. After cleaning up your property; we do conduct a final round of inspection only to ensure that everything is perfect. And that also includes checking for faulty switches or uncleaned doorknobs.

Following these important steps will guarantee that your bond cleaning experience in Brisbane is a hassle-free one regardless of the size of your property.

So, keep these in mind when you do plan to move and remember to schedule an appointment by calling us @ 0413 460 872 with sufficient time at hand.