Home Cleanig tips During COVID-19

Expert-Approved Tips To Keep Your Home Clean & Sanitised During COVID-19 Outbreak

The COVID-19 pandemic is calling for strict hygiene measures worldwide. While healthcare authorities are urging people to keep their residential premises clean and sanitised, they have also issued various guidelines which necessitate people to maintain personal hygiene at its best. Though it’s already proved that COVID-19 virus spreads mostly via respiratory droplets, it can also survive on unclean surfaces, which is why it’s essential to disinfect and sanitise your home from time to time.

Here are some expert-recommended tips that can help you minimise the risk of spreading Coronavirus at home. Let’s take a look.

Clean & Disinfect the High-Touch Areas of Your Home

Residential cleaning in Brisbane has taken on a new urgency this year with the widespread COVID-19 outbreak.  Healthcare authorities have issued various guidelines for homeowners that highlight key essential tips for keeping their home clean and sanitised.

First and foremost, you need to spot the ‘high-touch’ areas of your home, which mostly include doorknobs, kitchen sinks, switchboards, door handles, staircase railings, remote controls and mobile phones. Pay attention to areas where your family members likely gather the most. Disinfect and sanitise kitchen and bathroom areas from time to time to prevent cross-contamination.

Use High-Quality Disinfectants & Cleaning Supplies

Not all detergents can fight the deadly virus. Unlike routine house cleaning, you should follow unique cleaning tips such as using high-grade tools and cleaning supplies to keep COVID-19 at bay. Various centres for disease control recommends applying a diluted mixture of household bleach or cleaning solution having 70% alcohol content. Hydrogen peroxide is also an effective solution, but you need to allow it to sit on surfaces for at least a minute to kill germs, viruses and harmful allergens permanently.

Note: What won’t work to fight Coronavirus? Vodka, household sanitizer and vinegar aren’t effective in combating the deadly virus.

Sanitised house

Don’t Forget to Wear Gloves During House Cleaning

If by mistake, a surface in your house is already contaminated with COVID-19 virus, make sure to wear protective clothing while disinfecting your home. In case, you don’t have protective eye gear, clothing and shoes, there’s always the option of hiring professional house cleaners who use disposable latex gloves, protective eye gear and clothes during Coronavirus cleaning.

During the process, be careful not to touch any other surface or household belongings as otherwise, the virus can be transmitted to the rest of your home and put your life at stake.

Change Your Linens Frequently to Prevent Contamination

Experts offering residential cleaning always recommend not reusing towels both during and after a pandemic as virus can get easily transferred from fibres. It’s better to have a set of towels stocked in your bathroom vanity for use after every bath or shower and also paper towels to dry your hands. Another good way to prevent contamination is to dedicate a towel for every individual family member of your home to ensure personal hygiene at it’s best.

Wash Your Laundry in Luke Warm Water

COVID-19 is a life-threatening virus and you must adopt utmost preventive measures to drive it away from your home. Coldwater will not do any good to kill deadly germs and therefore, house cleaning specialists suggest using lukewarm or even hot water while washing laundry items. If you use linen bags to collect laundry items, throw it away while disposing of your trash. Also, if anyone in your house is prone to infection, use disposable gloves to sort their laundry and store them in separate trash bags.


Prevention is always better than cure and therefore, our expert cleaning specialists at Door2Door Clean have adopted Coronavirus-specific cleaning methods to serve you the best way possible. We are providing residential cleaning in Brisbane following strict protocols and safety guidelines to ensure zero contamination. So join hands with us to fight this pandemic and keep your loved ones safe, healthy and happy!