Fall Cleaning Checklist

Checklist That Pros Stick To During Fall Cleaning

Cleaning your home during fall is not anybody’s job. It is essentially cleaning your property and getting it ready for the long winter months ahead. Naturally, there are a lot of technicalities to maintain, and it is best to bestow the responsibility of fall cleaning to professionals, who have been into domestic cleaning in Brisbane for a considerable period.

Here on this page, we discuss the checklist that the pros maintain during while carrying out fall-cleaning of your home.

Cleaning the Window Screens

Cleaning the Window Screens

Autumn is the perfect time to have your windows cleaned before you finally close them tightly for the long winter months. Thus, the pros will at first vacuum the window panes to get rid of the dust, bugs and the other debris from the panes, latches and the hinges. Once done, they will wash the panes with a mild cleaning agent, with the help of appropriate tools.

They would take on the screen by dismantling them and hose them as well. This will remove all the stubborn stains that have been accumulating on the screens for all these days. After hosing, the professionals will sprinkle an all-purpose cleaner on the screens and leave them like that for a couple of minutes to dry out in the sun.

Treating the Window Blinds

Treating the Window Blinds

If you have blinds on windows and if they are washable, the professionals will take them down and will have them professionally washed. Some blinds are pretty easy to wash. It just takes a bleach, a mild variety of detergent, and a scrub brush for cleaning the blinds.

However, there are a few types of blinds that need to be taken care of rather impeccably. The pros take appropriate steps to deal with these blinds appropriately.

Cleaning the Lights & Fixtures

Cleaning the Lights & Fixtures

Removing the light covers and all the dust and pesky bugs is one heck of a quality fall cleaning.

Removing the light covers from ceiling fans, chandeliers, washing and replacing them are all best done by the professionals, and that is the reason, you should always put your stakes on a quality company that has been into domestic cleaning for years.

Taking on the Handles of the Doors, the Knobs and the Switch Plates

Clean Handles of the Doors

This is a significant chapter of fall cleaning, which is often forgotten by the households. This is where the intervention of the pros will make a difference.

They know the importance of getting rid of the germs and dirt lurking on the switch plates, doorknobs and hence, they will never forget to wipe them off by applying the appropriate cleaning agents and appropriate cleaning techniques.

Cleaning the Wall Mirrors and Large Mirrored Walls

Cleaning the Wall Mirrors

Again, this is another facet of fall cleaning that the pros never forget to do. They would come up with all the tools and the right techniques to clean the wall mirrors and the large mirrored walls, during fall cleaning.

The other areas they take care of during fall cleaning include taking on the kitchen, including the kitchen chimney, the bathroom, the walls and the baseboards, and even the attic.

So you see, it takes so much to fall-clean your home. That is the reason you must put your stakes on a quality company, which is into door to door home cleaning service. What better name can you look for, than Door2Door cleaning services? With a sizeable extent of experience, we go to the extent of providing a holistic home cleaning before the fall of winter. For further details, call us at 0413 460 872 during our hours of operation.