Airbnb Cleaning

Cleaning, Organising & Decluttering Tips for an Airbnb Host

Answer this honestly… What’s the first thing you see when you walk into an Airbnb home? More often than not, it is its cleanliness- be it how good it is cleaned or lack of it thereof!

So, as an Airbnb property owner, you need to leave no efforts in its cleaning, sanitisation and overall hygiene between the arrival and departure of guests.

For you, as the host, here are tips from our professional cleaners in Brisbane that you need to follow.

Arrange For Frequent Cleaning & Easy-To-Clean Furnishings: –

Look to adopt easy-to-clean furnishings and avoid too many knick-knacks that call for regular dusting. Go for cover surfaces which require less intensive cleaning. And arrange for weekly cleaning of every nook and corner of the property to keep it looking spic and span throughout.

Also arrange for protective covers like plastic table cloths, water-impervious mattress, and furniture covers which can be easily dusted off in between guests. Refrain from buying any heavy coverings which collect a great deal of dust and need regular laundering.

You can even invest in blinds and shades for the windows, which can be effortlessly dusted or washed.

Make a List of Everything That Needs Cleaning, Washing & Replacing: –

Divide your cleaning and replacing checklist as per rooms and start with whatever comes to your eyes first.  Ensure all floors and main surfaces are properly wiped and cleaned.

And don’t skip the outside as potential guests often check the outer part of the property too. This includes the balconies, windows, common corridor and so on.

Leave No Cleaning Tasks Once Your Guests Have checked in: –

While some say it is alright to leave some basic cleaning tasks even after your guests have checked-in, our cleaners suggest otherwise.

These basic tasks include- cleaning under the furniture (and repositioning it), getting rid of the opened or used food in the fridge, placing fresh towels, dusting off the walls, de-cluttering the kitchen, etc.

We speak with experience: 80% of your guests will not comply if you choose not to do these basic cleaning, organising and de-junking tasks beforehand.

We Also Recommend You To Do These Pre-Arrangements:-

  • Keep recycling containers and clean bins.
  • Always use green cleaning products and industry-approved disinfectors to wipe tables or surfaces.
  • Stack up toilet papers, shampoo, soaps, conditions, liquid power, hand sanitisers and other amenities that guests will need during their stay.
  • Have a quality housekeeping team to perform 5-star like services so that your guests feel comfortable and witness luxury immediately after stepping inside.
  • Also, keep a quality air-purifier to diminish any smell and ensure the carpets and rugs and stain and smell free.

After The Guests Leave, Don’t Forget To These Chores: –

  • Arrange for deep cleaning, which should include bathrooms, kitchen tiles, outside rain gutters, drawers, closed closets and even common areas.
  • Repair worn out deck boards, replace old wires and faulty electrical boards (if found), trim overgrown trees which reach the balcony.
  • Check for any signs of broken furniture or malfunctioned appliance.
  • Fine-tune items like the furnace, air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, and kitchen appliances.

Lastly, Always Trust Door2Door Clean For Customised Airbnb Cleaning & Organising Chores

By offering you detailed cleaning and de-cluttering Airbnb services, we help property hosts get 5-star ratings and claim an impressive reputation in the industry.

We will always treat your commercial rental property like our own and ensure your guests always get a clean and tidy premise whenever they step inside.

To know more about our professional Airbnb cleaning service in Brisbane, Get in Touch Whenever You Want.